Standards for Directory Listing

In the midst of an unsettling divorce, those people seeking services often have difficulty evaluating who will provide the kind of services they need among the growing volume of resources and specialists. Consistent with our mission to ease the trauma of divorce, we seek to provide a list of appropriately caring services through our Directory. Beginning this year we have developed the following guidelines toward that effect.

  • Professionals currently licensed by the state to offer services directly to the public, may be listed as before. These include Attorney, Psychologist, Certified Mediator, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Rehabilitation Counselor, Educational Psychologist, Certified Financial Planner, Licensed Mortgage Professional, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, or Certified Public Accountant. Any subspecialty listing (e.g.Guardian ad litem) may be listed, if the applicant also meets the above requirements.

Other services, such as Coach or Parenting Coordinator, who are not certified or licensed must be licensed or certified in one of the established fields as described above and approved by the Board of Directors.

Those persons who are currently in the Directory, but do not meet the above requirements, will be allowed to remain in the Directory as long as they continue to support our mission and maintain current membership.

Those organizations, which are state-authorized to offer services under the aegis of that organization, will be included under the provisions below.

  • There will be a $200.00 charge for the first listing ($175. if before August 15th)
  • Group or Firm Listing – If a group wishes to be listed as a single entity, they may choose to sub-list all persons who are considered qualified to practice under the supervision of the principal in the organization. Fees will be based on the number sub-listed as follows:
    • 1-5 members $300 for directory listing and memberships
    • 6-10 members $750 for directory listing and memberships
    • 11-15 members $1200 for directory listing and memberships

(If any member of the group wishes a listing apart from the group, they must meet the qualifications and fees of the independent professionals.)