Public Education

public-educationThroughout the year, we offer public education seminars focused on all the numerous legal, financial and psychological aspects of divorce. Each session is led by a professional in our network who specializes in the subject area, whether it be divorce and alimony law, divorce court procedures, mediation, family therapy or one of the many aspects of financial planning that come into play when people contemplate divorce (changes in lifestyle/living expenses, mortgages, auto and school loans, tuition planning, etc.). Our goal is to provide the critical information and assistance that people need before, during and after the divorce process, and to help them make the decisions that are best for themselves and for their children.

Topics Covered in Our Seminars

Here are some of the topics covered (and questions answered) in our public education seminars:

  • The Divorce Process – Where and how to begin, what are mediation and collaborative law, what needs to be filed, and how to find the right professionals.
  • Finances, Assets and Alimony – what is alimony, what is considered marital property, what is an equitable division of property, and how are taxes affected.
  • Children and Divorce – what is the amount and length of time for providing child support, what is a Guardian Ad Litem, how to create a parenting plan, what custody means in court, and how to minimize the trauma of divorce on children.
  • After the Divorce – Coping strategies for getting through the divorce, enforcing the divorce judgment, and modifying the divorce judgment.

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