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Anyone at any stage of divorce can receive and share valuable insights as a public member of The Divorce Center. Professionals and non-professional members can work together to help handle the challenges of divorce with knowledge and confidence.

Public members gain quick access to support and information through our ongoing workshops and events and those on special topics of particular interest for individual and family well-being.

Perhaps you learned about The Divorce Center through a workshop, a court-mandated parenting course, or your attorney has recommended you check our website for classes, divorce information or a professional to assist you. If you like what you’ve seen, we welcome you as a member at no charge.

Benefits of Membership

By joining, you will be notified via email of ongoing events, new website content, new blogs, dates of workshops and/or classes and be able to suggest what interests, concerns or issues you might want to see our organization address. In short, it’s a wealth of information at your fingertips.

No Qualifications to Join

We invite anyone with a desire to learn more about how our organization helps with divorce and its impact on your family. As a nonprofit organization, it’s really people who make us succeed.

On the professional side, we are a diverse volunteer membership that includes attorneys, judges, mediators, psychologists, mental health experts, financial experts, career counselors and divorce or life coaches — experts in their fields and dedicated to helping you and your family survive divorce with as little trauma as possible.

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