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Contact: Dr. Lynne Halem, Ph.D. Address 37 Walnut Street Suite 220 Wellesley Hills MA 02481-2107 Phone: (781) 239-1600 Fax: (781) 239-0404 Website:

The Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution (CDMR) is under the directorship of Lynne C. Halem, Ph.D., a recognized specialist in family policy and family law with a doctorate from Harvard University. Dr. Halem has worked exclusively as a family and business mediator since 1981. She is the author of two acclaimed books on divorce law and public policy: “Divorce Reform: Changing Legal and Social Perspectives,” a featured selection of the Lawyers’ Literary Club, and “Separated and Divorced Women.” Prior to entering the mediation field, Dr. Halem was a consultant working with businesses in the public and private sectors. She has served on the American Arbitration Association’s Family Dispute Service Panel, as a past president (two terms) of The Mass Council of Family Mediation, and former board member of the Divorce Center. Dr. Halem’s breadth of experience ensures both efficiency in the resolution process and innovative solutions to even the most complicated financial situations. Dr. Halem’s thirty plus years of experience, and meticulous foresight define her firm’s commitment to build a framework, and relevant agreements, that will stand the test of time, and guide the re-defined family through the complications of property and asset division, alimony, and child support to solid future family planning. CMDR’s agreements are widely praised by clients and professionals for clarity and attention to detail, for creating a thorough and thoughtful roadmap to guide you now and in the future. Since 1982, the Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution has been a leader in its field. Based in Wellesley, Massachusetts our clients come from Norfolk, Middlesex, Suffolk, Plymouth, Worcester, Essex, and Bristol counties. Each mediator is trained and experienced in helping you to consider all aspects pertaining to your dispute and to reach an agreement that is workable for all parties.

CMDR specializes in all aspects of family mediation including separation, divorce, post-divorce mediation, trial separation agreements, and parenting plans. We also handle prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and elder mediation. Expanded hours of service, including evenings and weekends are available.

Halee Burg, J.D., is a family mediator and attorney, whose practice is limited solely to mediation. Ms. Burg holds a JD from The Boalt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley. Ms. Burg’s area of expertise is family and relational disputes (eg. adult siblings, parent/child). In addition, Ms. Burg offers mediation services in all area of separation and divorce. Ms. Burg serves on the panels for several community organizations providing mediation services in the Greater Boston area District Courts. She is a member of the New England chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution, the Association of Professional Family Mediators, and the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation.

If you have any questions about our services or are unsure if your clients are right for mediation, please do call. In addition, we offer complimentary (in-person or telephone) consultations to prospective clients.

** Denotes Collaboratively Trained Professional