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Lisa J. Smith Esq.

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Collaborative Attorney and Mediator Address 220 North Main Street Natick MA 01760 Phone: (508) 652-0011 Fax: (508) 653-0119

For 25 years Lisa has practiced law and for the past 20 years her focus has been primarily on divorce and family law. Often clients know that they want a divorce but are not aware that there are many ways to obtain a divorce other than the ‘I’ll see you in court’ method. Therefore, as a collaborative lawyer and mediator, she offers her clients many options. Also, when necessary, she has a team of experts ready to help develop good solutions to problems.

Lisa understands many of the fears and emotions which are involved in a divorce and understands the need to move forward to create a solution which will move her clients and their families forward to new after-divorce lives. She helps clients with divorce, support, parenting, paternity and mediation to stay married matters, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and other family law matters.