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Justin L. Kelsey Esq.

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Kelsey & Trask, P.C. Address 160 Speen Street Suite 202 Framingham MA 01701 Phone: (508) 655-5980 Fax: (508) 655-5981 Website: Kelsey & Trask P.C.

At Kelsey & Trask, P.C., we work with families to resolve disputes relating to Divorce, Paternity, Child Support, Alimony and Custody, as amicably, quickly and cost-effectively as possible. To achieve these goals, we offer both mediation and individual representation. Attorney Kelsey can assist both parties in reaching a resolution together as a mediator, or can represent one party individually as counsel in litigation or in a Collaborative setting. Either way, we have the motivation to conclude your case as efficiently as possible because we recognize that ongoing disagreement or litigation is not a healthy situation for your family. For more information about Attorney Kelsey visit his profile page at his website.