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Contact: Gail Packer, Executive Director Address 60 Gore Street Cambridge MA 02141 Phone: (617) 876-5376 Fax: (617) 876-6663 Website:

Established in 1979, the Community Dispute Settlement Center (CDSC), is a private, not-for-profit mediation and training center dedicated to providing an alternative and affordable forum for resolving conflict.

CDSC promotes better ways to understand and deal with conflict through skilled teams of pro-bono mediators, training programs in mediation and conflict management, and broad community outreach. Our professionally trained roster of 60 pro-bono volunteer mediators comes from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

We are committed to making our services accessible to under served populations and to addressing emerging community needs. Couples in the process of separation and divorce continue to find mediation a valuable forum for addressing the complex puzzle of financial, property, and child-related matters.

CDSC uses a co-mediation model. It offers the option to have the terms of an agreement set out in a memo form which can then be taken to respective lawyers to put into writing or CDSC mediators can help parties to draw up a Separation Agreement, to be reviewed with their attorneys. CDSC is committed to ensuring that our mediation services are accessible and affordable. We use a sliding scale from $40 to $330 per session, per person, based on each person’s individual income and assets. CDSC is a low-cost and efficient option.

** Denotes Collaboratively Trained Professional