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Beth H. Ross MSW, LICSW

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Clinical Social Worker/Therapist/Divorce Mediator/Collaborative Coach Address 866 Washington Street Canton MA 02021 Phone: (781) 821-4606 Mobile: (781) 249-2156 Fax: (781) 821-4606

Beth H. Ross, LICSW is an experienced clinical social worker who has been in private practice for over 20 years. In the Fall or 2012, Beth was trained as a divorce mediator. Trained as a collaborative coach, Beth has participated in the Southeastern Collaborative Practice Group (MCLC) which involves lawyers, divorce financial planners and mental health professionals working to provide divorcing families cost effective and collaborative settlements. Beth brings a vast amount of experience in helping families make the transition from married couple with children to two co-parents who share time with their children.

As a divorce specialist Beth coaches both individuals and couples towards an equitable working relationship and toward better communication for the benefit of the children. Often, divorcing parents need support and guidance to negotiate some of the difficult issues in which they disagree. Beth has successfully assisted families to develop a parenting plans based on the development and needs of the children. As Beth has gone through the experience herself, she is well equipped to assist parents to negotiate difficult decisions around their children as well as foster communication between both parents.

Beth has extensive experience working with children and teens. She uses eclectic therapeutic modalities such as individual play therapy, CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), family system theory and empowerment strategies and a focus on practical solutions that improve the lives of her clients.

Beth has been on the board of the Divorce Center and has been co-teaching the Parents Apart workshops since December 2010. Beth is now chairing the committee to coordinate other Parent Education workshops around divorce.