The Divorce Center is in contact with many professionals, organizations, and support groups. This section is dedicated to providing you with information about those who can help you through your divorce.

We also recommend several books and Internet sites which can be of assistance at this time. We suggest that if you wish to purchase a book that you use the link provided on the ‘book’ pages for that purpose. It is not only convenient for you, but also provides a few cents toward The Divorce Center programs.

Finally, the individuals and organizations listed in this section are others who provide support for the divorcing community, however their listing should not be interpreted as an endorsement.

Find answers to some of your questions and concerns through the expertise of our professionals.

Related Websites
The Internet offers many resources for help during your divorce. We’ve compiled a list of some of those websites to assist you.

Suggested Readings
For those who want more in-depth information there are a host of helpful books on subject matters such as finance, childcare, divorce, and legal matters.

Other Support Groups
Need a sympathetic ear? Try one of these support groups.

We’ve filmed some of our most popular seminar series and are offering them on videotape.

Guide to Professionals
Attorneys, Mediators, Guardians at Litem, Counselors – whatever your need, consult with our directory to find professional help.