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Matthew Solomon Esq.

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Attorney Solomon Law Practice Home 190 Mystic Valley Parkway Arlington MA 02474 Counties served: Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk Phone: (617) 201-9060 Fax: (781) 316-1566 Website:

Matthew Solomon brings over ten years experience as a family law attorney. He has worked as an associate for a small family law firm in Brookline, MA and now practices as a solo attorney for his own firm.

Matthew seeks to establish a strong connection with his clients, which in turn fosters a productive attorney-client relationship and ensures effective communication. Matthew brings an individualized approach to each client and case.

Family Law is often emotional, overwhelming, and disorienting and Matthew seeks to help his clients determine what is most important and to set realistic goals that take into account the impact on the entire family. He has recently begun to offer mediation as a service as well. Matthew has extensive legal expertise and comprehensive experience in probate courts throughout the state.

** Denotes Collaboratively Trained Professional