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** Denotes Collaboratively Trained Professional

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Contact: Karl Topor, Esq. Address 275 Grove Street Building Two Suite 400 Newton MA 02466 Phone: (617) 969-8889 Fax: (617) 415-1497 Website:

As a lawyer, Karl Topor practices Collaborative Law and acts as a Conciliator in the Probate and Family Courts of Massachusetts. The majority of his legal practice emphasizes Family and Matrimonial Law. Karl is dedicated to solving problems and minimizing litigation by helping two parties in a divorce come to a mutual agreement. He emphasizes the importance of children in the process of divorce. He has acquired special advanced training in mediation and in Family Law. He has lectured on Family Law issues both on a local, state and national level.

Karl has been certified as a mediator of Family Law disputes in Massachusetts. He assists divorcing spouses as a mediator to settle their contested issues and disputes. His services offer an alternative to a long drawn out battle in the court arena. He is also a certified Guardian ad Litem as well as a Parent Coordinator.


** Denotes Collaboratively Trained Professional