“Divorce Matters Workshop – Next Step: Untying the Legal, Emotional and Financial Knot” – Metrowest Waltham

Event Details

This event is running from 11 November 2017 until 11 November 2017. It is next occurring on November 11, 2017 9:00 am


This half-day workshop on taking the next step toward untying the knot will cover the legal, financial, family and personal issues that are often encountered during the divorce process. Trained professionals will provide you with knowledge and information you need to know to empower you through the divorce process with confidence and peace of mind.

If you are contemplating divorce or currently overwhelmed with the process, this workshop is for you!

Topics to be Covered:

Legal Issues Presented by a Divorce Attorney
• Your options for the divorce process in MA
• What is Mediation, Collaborative, Litigation and Pro Se and how do they differ?
• Understanding the Alimony Law and Child Support Guidelines
• Protecting Yourself Legally

Understanding the Financial Issues Presented by a Divorce Financial Professional
• Taking an Asset Inventory
• What are considered Marital Assets and how are they divided?
• Do you keep or sell the Marital Home?
• What about retirement? Will I be ok?

Family Issues
• Dealing with a hostile spouse
• Protecting the children
• Strategies for coping with the stress of divorce
• Rebuilding your self-esteem

More information and registration form coming soon!

Cost:  $30.

Eventbrite - "Divorce Matters Workshop - Next Step: Untying the Legal, Emotional and Financial Knot" - Metrowest 128 (Waltham area)

Directions to Schwartz Hall

Schwartz Hall is located inside the campus of Brandeis and there are not signs that make it easy to find, so we wanted to provide directions to help you find the workshop.

Enter Brandeis at 415 South Street in Waltham. As you enter, make a right turn and follow Loop Road and the signs for Upper Campus and the Mandel Center for Humanities. Just after you pass the Rabb Graduate Center on your right, you will see a small parking lot on your left across from the Mandel Center for the Humanities. Park in that small parking lot. From the parking lot, walk back down the road you drove up, taking the first path on your right. The path will flow between the Library on your right and the Usdan Student Center on your left. The Schwartz building is directly behind the Usdan Student Center. If there are students around, you can always ask one of them to point you towards Schwartz Hall.

There is also a small parking lot just past the Mandel Center. If for some reason, you are unable to park in the small parking lot across from Mandel Center (or the parking lot just past Mandel), you can continue to follow the Loop Road all the way around the campus back down to the lower campus. You can park in the Theater Parking lot behind the Spingold Theater Center. Walk back out the parking lot and cross Loop Road to follow the path up through the center of campus. You will pass the Shapiro Campus Center on your left and the Science Center buildings on your right. At the top of the hill, you will pass the library on your left and then Schwartz Hall will be on your right across from the Usdan Student Center. Note: This is a much longer walk than the walk from the small parking lot across from Mandel Center – but it is an interesting way to see more of Brandeis University!

You may also click on this link: Building U37 on the map…upper campus…next to Brown Social Science Center.

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