Creating a Loving New Home for the Whole Family Following Divorce


by Jasmine Dyoco


Are you recently divorced and trying to find a sense of normalcy again? Are you worried about how your family will recover after such an emotionally trying time?

You’re not alone. The good news is that lots of single parents learn how to lead happy and healthy home lives after divorce. And while going through a divorce can certainly be a stressful and painful experience, it’s also an opportunity for a brand new start.

For Your Children

It can be challenging to help your children adjust to living in two homes instead of one after a divorce. They might even feel a bit caught in the middle–while the home they grew up in might not feel quite the same anymore, a new home might feel completely alien to them.

In either situation, a great way to help foster a sense of belonging is to let them design their own space. Even small changes like new artwork for the walls, a fresh coat of paint, or new bedding can help make them feel like their room is completely their own.

For Yourself

You’ve been through a lot lately, so make sure you’re taking some time to focus on yourself during this transition.

Turn your room into your sanctuary by adding plants, your favorite artwork, and a comfy chair. Take small steps to make sure time spent in your room is as comfortable and relaxing as possible so you’ll have a safe space to heal and grow.

For Your Pets

What about our furrier family members? Hopefully by now you’ve figured out what this divorce means for your family pet.

If your pet must get accustomed to a new home during this transition period, help her feel comfortable by bringing over some of her old toys, designating a space just for her, and spending extra quality time with her.

Even if your pet is staying in the home she grew up in, it’s still a good idea to make sure she has her own special spot if she doesn’t have one already.

Divorce can be a very stressful experience for both pets and your children, so give them both all the love and attention you can during this transition.

Going through a divorce is difficult, but it’s what you choose to do afterwards that counts. Take control of your life again by embracing this change as a fresh start. Working with your children (and your pets!) to make sure everyone feels at home again will have your family looking forward to creating a new future together in a healthy, happy home.

Jasmine Dyoco is a fan of crossword puzzles, gardening, books on tape, learning (anything!) and fencing. She truly enjoys the work she does with Educator Labs and hopes you’ll stop by the site to learn more!

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