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Healing the Scars of an Emotionally Abusive Marriage

by Gabriel Cheong, Esquire Infinity Law Group If you’re going through a divorce, you’re likely focusing on the legal aspects, including dividing up property. But if you’ve suffered emotional abuse during the course of your marriage, understand that it may take time and significant effort to feel good again once the court dates are done. […]

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How Parents’ Divorce Can Affect Their Adult Kids

Reprinted with permission by Mary W. Quigley, Journalist and Author AARP Blog Difficulties in parents’ relationships have an impact on their adult children, even those living on their own. The influence isn’t always negative. Parents who “try to resolve the conflict instead of carrying it around like baggage for three weeks” teach their children that […]

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Important Considerations When Facing Divorce

By Anthony Adamopoulos, Esquire Because people often wait until “after the holidays” to make the Decision to divorce, February is Divorce Month. Since it is such an important Decision, I have put together this post on important considerations. If someone facing divorce comes to you, I hope this article will help. First Step – […]

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A Change to Paternity Forms

By Karen M. Buckley, Esq. In July, 2015, the Probate and Family Court issued a revision to the forms relating to paternity, specifically forms CJD 106, Complaint to Establish Paternity, and CJD 109, Complaint for Custody-Support-Parenting Time pursuant to G.L.c. 209C. These new forms now contain a request for Custody and Parenting Time, as […]

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The Fear of Being Alone

By Pauline Robertson – Certified Divorce Coach Going through a divorce can bring up many emotions: feelings of betrayal, hurt, sadness, anger, bitterness. One of the biggest emotions can be the fear of being alone! How am I going to run my household financially? What can I do for a career, not having worked out […]

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Your First Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

By Howard I. Goldstein, Esquire Goldstein, Egloff, Ramos & Wood, LLP For most people the first step they take in getting divorced is contacting a divorce lawyer. A lot has been written on how to choose a lawyer. This article assumes that you already have chosen a lawyer who you think you will be […]

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