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Fran Davis Ph.D.

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Licensed Psychologist / Career Coach Address 3 Woodridge Road Wayland MA 01778 Phone: (617) 492-9224 Fax: (508) 358-1199 Website: Fran Davis, Ph. D.

Over the past 30 years in my work as a Psychologist and Career Counselor/Coach in private practice and at Harvard Business School, I have had the privilege of working with individuals, couples, and families as they face the challenges of navigating their way to more fulfilling personal and professional lives. Divorce is certainly an experience which can create serious challenges in both personal and professional domains. While it may be hard to see this while trying to survive the “storm”, divorce (like many life crises) can also be a catalyst to pursue greater happiness in one’s life (i.e., “never let a crisis go to waste”). I would be happy to speak with you to see if I may be of help with your unique concerns.

In addition to my years of experience as a psychologist with expertise in family therapy and career consultation, I have recently been certified in Discernment Counseling, a brief approach to helping mixed-agenda couples have more clarity and confidence on a direction for the marriage when one partner is “leaning out.”