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Why Do I Have To Adopt My Own Children?

By Joyce Kauffman, Esq.,Kauffman Law & Mediation | Dec 18 2017

If you divorce, you do not want your spouse to try to argue that you are not a legal parent to your children. If you are not considered a legal parent, your relationships with your children will not be protected by the court.

Same Sex Divorces: The Law is Not Equal

By Dr. Lynne C. Halem, Director Centre for Mediation & Dispute Resolution | Oct 24 2017

Unfortunately, same-sex divorces are not governed by the advantageous tax laws that apply to heterosexual divorces

Why Married Same-Sex Couples Need to Adopt Their Own Children

By Joyce Kauffman, Esq.,Kauffman Law & Mediation | Aug 24 2017

In 2012, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court confirmed that a child born to a same-sex married couple is the legitimate child of both parties.