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** Denotes Collaboratively Trained Professional

Beth L. Aarons Esq. **

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Attorney, Mediator, Collaborative Professional Aarons Law & Mediation Address 60 Austin Street Suite 210 Newtonville MA 02460 Counties served: Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Worcester Phone: (617) 964-7870 Website:

Beth established her current law practice in Newtonville, MA in 2001. While her career is focused in law, her social work and psychology background have informed her connection with clients, child-focused family law work, and ability to finesse complex family dynamics.

Beth’s background and experience have provided insight in shaping creative and thoughtful estate plans and parenting plans. Beth’s estate planning practice also includes work with small or family-owned businesses, step-families, and same-sex families to create sound plans of business succession and estate tax planning. Her probate work includes representing clients through every step of the probate process, from initial appointment as Personal Representative to estate closure.

Beth strives to assist clients in family law and probate matters in achieving out-of-court resolutions, in order to help clients avoid prolonged, expensive, and contentious litigation. Beth is an MCFM Certified Mediator, mediating divorces, parenting plans, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, multigenerational/elder issues, and probate & estate matters. Beth also represents individuals in mediation, conciliation, or arbitration with another neutral, and is a Collaborative Law attorney for divorce and probate matters. Beth’s family law practice also includes adoption, birth family search, guardianships of minors and adults, and appointments as a Guardian ad Litem investigator.

** Denotes Collaboratively Trained Professional