The Divorce Center's Mission

  • We lessen fear through knowledge.
  • We teach people their rights and responsibilities, the protections built into law, the financial aspects of their divorce, and what to expect from their emotions. We educate on the value of mediation and when it can work. We teach financially-desperate people how to budget. We teach people how to re-enter the work force.
  • We educate parents about the effects of divorce on their children.
  • We guide people to act out of the love they have for their children instead of their hatred for their spouse. We teach civilized and cooperative co-parenting after divorce. We teach how to begin life anew, and we teach effective step-parenting which often becomes so important when entering a new relationship.
  • We provide assistance and training for the professional community.
  • We teach professionals to look at the divorcing person as a whole person, and how to recognize when their client may need the services of another professional. We also teach them about the tragic effects of bitter divorces, and how to help reduce that bitterness.
  • We offer opportunities for professionals to share information and to get to know one another.
  • We enable the professionals to gain confidence in other professionals, so they feel comfortable making referrals.

  • We provide referral services directly to those going through divorce.
  • We help people find a lawyer, therapist, mediator, career counselor, financial planner, or any one of the other professionals who uphold the philosophy of The Divorce Center to make divorce more civilized and less traumatic.

Through this multi-pronged approach, we fulfill our mission. We are the only organization we know of that does this.